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12 Colors Cream Texture Lip Gloss Waterproof - 50% OFF TODAY

12 Colors Cream Texture Lip Gloss Waterproof - 50% OFF TODAY

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One-of-a-kind, creamy texture lip gloss formula is lightweight, nonsticky, and moisturizing with stardust and a rich metallic finish.

Long-lasting and Waterproof: This semi-permanent lip color with color lock technology won't kiss off, feather or bleed.

 The glossy topcoat is enriched with chamomile and soy extract for moisture-rich, shiny, soft lips.

Easy to Apply and Clean: Goes on smoothly without skipping or pulling, easy to remove with lip cleansing oil. never worry about pigmentation.


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Ask: Is harmful to Human Health? Answer: NO, this product was inspected through experts and certification of FDA.


How to use:

1. Before using each lipstick, you need to moisturize your lips with a lip balm, which is good for coloring and preventing dryness.

2. Then use concealer to cover the darker parts of the lips to make it easier to show the original color of the red mouth.

3. Continue to apply evenly from the middle to the surroundings, and then purse your lips together to make the lipstick smoother.


1. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, silky texture
2. Very Pigmented and easy to wear and remove
3. Smooth slippery, create shiny sexy lips
4. Shimmer texture
5. Portable and convenient to use

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