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KayBrow™ 4D Hair Stroke Brow Brush Kit

KayBrow™ 4D Hair Stroke Brow Brush Kit

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Well-groomed, natural-looking eyebrows within seconds

KayBrow™ 4D Hair Stroke Brow Brush is packed with fine, fluffy 4D bristles which is the secret to create natural-looking, hair-like strokes.

You can achieve the microblading look effortlessly in the comfort of your home, without going to salon!

The brush contours or fills in sparse brows with ease. It works seamlessly with various brow products such as powder, gel, ink and pomade. Simply dip it in the brow gel and shape with your natural brows.

Gently brush it upwards until it fills in your eyebrows to your desired shape and done. It works even for filling in your hairline.

The tip of our angled brush is excellent in creating natural, fine brow strokes. Simply dip only the tip of our angled brush into the brow gel. If you are using a powder or pomade, dip your angled brush into the product and tap off the excess.

Our 24 hours long lasting brow gels are waterproof and smudge proof. They goes well with the brush.


  • Material: Synthetic fibers
  • Brush Length: 16cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x KayBrow™ 4D Hair Stroke Brow Brush Kit
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