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PerfectBrow™ Stencil Kit

PerfectBrow™ Stencil Kit

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Achieve even and symmetrical brows every time with the Perfect Brow Stencil Kit. Use the sponge applicator as a stamp to fill in the brow stencil for perfectly shaped and shaded brows in seconds. Choose from 10 multiple shapes for different looks!
Perfect Brows Every Time
Making brows even and symmetrical a hassle? Let the Stencil Kit do the shaping for you and get perfect brows every time. Choose your preferred shape among 10 options and allow this amazing tool to do all the work!

Save Time
Align and stamp fo fill brows in seconds. Save time on your makeup routine with the Stencil Kit. Using the guiding lines, place the selected stencil along the brow bone and press the mushroom sponge stamp to fill. And just like that, get amazing brows without the hassle!

Long-Lasting Wear

No smudging or fading. Enjoy the lasting, waterproof formula of Stencil Kit for all day wear up to 24 hours. No touch-ups needed! When it is time to remove, simply use your go-to makeup remover or facial cleanser.

1x PerfectBrow™ Stencil Kit
10x Eyebrow Stencils (10 Most Popular Shapes)
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