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 Stay beautiful all day in just one second!

LazyBun has a versatile, comfortable design that allows you to create a perfect bun in just seconds with a strong, cute bow look. Fitting in any purse or pocket, get your hair styled on the go!

Neat All Day: On hot summer walks or jogs, donut coils will be perfect for keeping your donut hair in place and preventing it from falling out. 

Lightweight and Weightless: Made of synthetic wigs and flexible steel wire that won't damage your hair or add weight to your hair. 

Perfect for Any Occasion: Daily life, school, night parties, weddings, graduations, proms, ballet performances, yoga practice and more. 

Suitable for All Hair Colors: Black, coffee, light coffee, brown, light brown, dark brown, beige, your choice.


Our LazyBun creates the perfect bun in seconds.

1. Stick your hair through the middle of the tool.
2. Pull tool toward the end of your hair and then roll your hair toward your head.
3. Bend the tool into a circle shape and spread your hair out evenly around the tool.

Package Includes 

1x LazyBun

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