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Create perfect waves & curls without the heat damage!

✔ No heat damage

✔ Reduces frizz and save time

✔ Suitable for all hair types and length


Frequently asked questions

Does it work on all hair types?

Yes, our heatless curlers work for all hair types & length, even on naturally wavy hair. For type 3A hair and above (extremely curly) we suggest you dry your hair straight with a brush and dryer before applying.

Can you wear hair extensions with the dream curl?

Yes! You can certainly wear hair extensions with the dream curl. The dream curl is suitable for all hair types.

Should I apply it on damp or dry hair?

To achieve the best results for curls that last all day long - we recommend applying the curling ribbon on 80% dry hair. This will minimise the frizz and give you beautifully defined curls.

Is it comfy to sleep in?

The body of the dream curl is soft, which makes for a comfortable sleep when you lay on it at night time. You also take the claw clip off before going to bed, so it doesn't poke into you while you sleep.

Do you have to wear it just at night?

Absolutely not! We have seen great results from wearing it for 2-3 hours in the day. You can also use a hair drier to speed up the drying process.

How about washing?

• Cold hand wash or machine wash separately (with protective net bag) on gentle cycle.
• Use pH neutral or delicate detergent.
• Air dry in a cool place, unexposed to direct sunlight.
• We recommend washing the heatless curler once every 1-2 months, however this is not required and may vary depending on frequency of use.

How to use

First, wrap your damp hair around the buns, securing it in place. Next, it leave for several hours or sleep with it overnight. Once you remove the buns, your hair will have formed natural-looking curls without the use of heat!

Our 60-Night Trial Guarantee

100% SATISFACTION is our goal and we stand behind our product!

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy, we'll give you a refund. No questions asked, simply great customer service.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer fast and reliable shipping on all orders. You can expect to receive it within 7-12 business days based on your location.

Please contact our customer service team for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

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"This worked SO WELL!."

"No frizz or weird kinks, just seamless uniform curls. I love this thing, I’m never going back to a curling iron." - Jody, US

The Comfiest Overnight Curls

Want overnight curls but hate sleeping with a bulky tube across your head?

That's why we created the Dream Curl. The comfiest and most effective way to get overnight, heatless curls without damaging your hair.



    We designed our curling buns to be EXTREMELY comfortable to sleep in. If you disagree, we'll give you your money back.


    Tired of rushing to work every day? Stop wasting precious time curling your hair and save yourself 45 minutes with our overnight Dream CUrl.


    No special skills needed. No buttons, no settings, no temperatures to watch out for. If only everything could be that easy.

How does it work?

Simply leave your hair wrapped in our curling buns for 6-8 hours, and remove to reveal perfect heatless curls that last all day!

  • Medium hair

    "Best curler I have found so far! This is a great way to enjoy bouncy and shiny curls without damaging your hair."

  • Short hair

    "Love this little curling tool! Had beautiful curls that lasted 2-3 days without using any product to hold.Highly recommend"

  • The back

    "Fast, easy and incredibly effective! Gives me soft curls - waves and my hair looks better than ever."

  • Long hair

    "Was so easy to use & super quick! Curls came out soooo cute & lasted all day, just added hairspray."

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60-Day Happiness Guarantee

100% SATISFACTION is our goal and we stand behind our product!

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy, we'll give you a refund. No questions asked, simply great customer service.